What is a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop?

Purchase a $20 ball drop ticket for a chance to win! Each ticket is assigned to a numbered golf ball. Normally buckets of numbered golf balls are dropped from a helicopter hovering over the fairway.  The first ball in the hole or the one closest to the hole wins its owner part of the pot (the rest going to our charities)! Need not be present to win. Due to covid, daylight, and time constraints, our Pukka helicopter ball drop this year will be virtual.  Winner will be announced after the tournament! Thanks for understanding.

Helicopter Golf Ball Drop (sponsored by Pukka, makers of custom golf hats)

  • $20 - 1 ball - Par Player

  • $40 - 2 balls - Birdie Shooter

  • $100 - 5 balls - Hole-in-One Pro

  • Custom Amount - click here and enter the number of balls (at $20 each) you'd like to purchase